Aero Africa operating a network at over 84 airports, covering all 54 countries, now has now opened a new office in Shanghai, managed by Eric Dong who has extensive experience in the Chinese airfreight market.

The new office provides a centralized customer service and solutions center for its partners and clients,- local and independent CSAs in the Asian region,  as well as to assist them in promoting it’s African final mile logistics solutions and gateway cargo services.

Aero Africa has already this year, launched neutral scheduled consolidations with competitive airfreight wholesale rates from the major Chinese gateways to JNB CPT NBO and LOS.

Juergen Anwander Director Business Development and Compliance, explains.

“In partnership with 20 carriers, we offer logistics companies exclusive scheduled cargo services and main deck solutions from our gateways in EU, UAE, JNB, NBO, to more than 60 difficult to reach destinations in Africa. Our main focus is on transit cargo from Asia and the Americas, as these markets historically have lack of space on 1st sector, limited main deck capacity directly into Africa and much higher end to end rates as a direct through MAWB to Africa.

“In addition, during 2019 we are deploying our exclusive sea air solutions ex Asia for Africa via Jebel Ali, Mombasa, and Durban, as well as express and time-critical solutions tailored exclusively for the African marketplace. We are also extending our airline brokerage solutions to include new carriers and new scheduled consolidation origins from those already available.

Jamie Anderson, Director African solutions adds :

“With selected trusted air cargo professionals in each African airport, we offer bespoke cost-effective solutions for Africa. This includes freight collect, A2D, DDP, neutral break-bulk, time critical, project air cargo, as well as final mile solutions, including services to remote difficult to reach destinations, all through Aero Africa’s single point of contact, control, and management.

“We have also developed a customized e-platform destination profile note for each country/airport in Africa which also includes hard to reach remote destinations in Africa and is exclusively available to our freight forwarding, consolidators, and airline clients alike.

Aero Africa is an air cargo management group dedicated to providing African logistic solutions and neutral value-added services to the international logistics and aviation community.

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Juergen Anwander

Recently launched Aero Africa is a neutral air cargo and aviation solution provider that is dedicated to the freight forwarding community.

It provides wholesale African logistic solutions and value-added services to the global industry, including freighter operators, wide-bodied scheduled and charter operators. African Solutions Director, Jamie Anderson, explains the company’s unique advantages.

“With our network of partners covering 84 airports throughout Africa, and working exclusively with freight forwarders, Aero Africa provides a comprehensive range of destination services including DAP/DDU/DAP, remote final mile and cross border movements, all through a seamless single point of management.

“The Aero Africa gateway programme delivers an end-to-end air cargo solution from key markets, via strategic gateways to more than 70 hard to reach destinations across Africa. Our global reach and product deployment have been expedited through to our membership of the Neutral Air Partner. Thanks to this membership we have connected with CSAs, GSAs and neutral consolidators worldwide, each one of these representing and promoting the Aero Africa product portfolio in their local markets.During 2019 we will introduce further initiatives, including an all-inclusive per kilo DAP/DDU destination tariff, CEIV accredited delivery programme and Africa port based sea-air solutions”.

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