Aero Africa Sub Saharan Africa (Pty) Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Chané Prinsloo as Operations Controller

Chané will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and will be responsible for the overall operational functions within the Aero Africa Sub Saharan branch.

Chané will be fully involved with the African final mile solutions as well as import consolidations into South Africa, as well as working closely with the local and international customer bases and the international agent networks.

Chané’s logistics career began after she moved to the Logistics industry after working in HR & Payroll for three years.

At first, she was only involved in the Airfreight side but then moved on as operations controller for all modes of transport. Chané came to realize that her passion lies in the Air freight Industry and has been actively involved in airfreight operations for the past five years.

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