Seamless Airfreight Operation: The Case of Moving 9 Used Gas Turbines


Aero Africa recently completed a challenging airfreight operation, transporting nine used gas turbines for refurbishment from Lagos (LOS) to Prague (PRG). The cargo, totaling 38,700 kg, required special handling as it contained dangerous goods and was classified for main deck carriage.

Key Highlights

    • Complex Logistics Management: Managing the transportation of gas turbines involves intricate logistics due to their size, weight, and classification as dangerous goods. Aero Africa’s team meticulously planned every aspect of the operation to ensure compliance with safety regulations and timely delivery.
    • Client support: Aero Africa orchestrated a seamless operation spanning multiple continents. From coordinating pickup at the origin to delivery at the destination, our team provided dedicated customer service at every stage of the journey.
    • Timely Delivery: Despite the complexity of the shipment and the operations involved, Aero Africa ensured that the gas turbines reached their destination in Prague on schedule. Our commitment to punctuality and reliability is a testament to our expertise in managing time-sensitive cargo.

    Our ability to navigate international logistics intricacies and deliver exceptional service at all sides sets us apart as a trusted partner for complicated airfreight operations.


    At Aero Africa, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle complex airfreight challenges with precision and efficiency. This successful operation demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs. Whether it’s transporting dangerous goods or managing complex business arrangements, Aero Africa is your trusted partner for seamless airfreight solutions.

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