Unlocking Africa during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Aero Africa is an air cargo management group dedicated to providing neutral African logistic solutions and value-added services to the international logistics and aviation community.

With an African network in over 84 airports covering all 54 countries, and with selected trusted air cargo professionals in each, we offer bespoke, cost-effective solutions, to and from the African continent. Our services include airfreight wholesale & brokerage, neutral consolidations, GSSA and CSA activities, time critical, charter & project operations, as well as first & final mile solutions including services to remote and hard to reach destinations in Africa

The on-going challenge that we will face over the next few weeks & months would be storing and transporting the Covid-19 vaccines, often at temperatures lower that -70 degrees C. We have highlighted our strategic hubs in Johannesburg & Nairobi as the best suited airports to handle a smooth transfer for the vaccines for our regional network rollout into Southern & East Africa.

Aero Africa operates regional B737F feeder freighter services via JNB to/from Southern Africa and Indian ocean islands, and we are very excited to partner with leading regional cargo carriers in East and West Africa. We have carefully selected our  ground handling partners in Johannesburg & Nairobi that we have worked with for many years, and we have also moved into a strategic partnership with Tower Cold Chain Solutions to utilise their equipment for all our shipments from origin to final deliveries in our region. We will also have the possibility to monitor the temperature control using the same equipment for perishable of dry shipments the entire journey. With our platform in Africa we will ensure the stock is moving at all times.

We have set up a vaccine team in both Johannesburg & Nairobi to monitor all the shipments on 24 hour basis and have engaged with specialist cool chain transport partners to upgrade tracking and GPS capabilities. Some delivery supply for government would be in rural and remote sites and possibly only found by GPS co-ordinates and all vehicles will be following a strict protocol.

It comes without saying that we would be very active over the next few days on confirmation from carriers and local governments on their documentation requirements and regulations into moving the vaccines. We would need to avoid all delays and risk in terms of the transit stations.

All parties need to work together and support each other for the roll out to happen smoothly. Aero-Africa is committed to stay in touch with the customer demands throughout the process of vaccine supply and will remain agile at all times and can work through the challenges that lie ahead.

Aero Africa was founded by a group of logistics entrepreneurs with vast experience and extensive knowledge of the African market and the air cargo industry. Due to the accelerated economic growth on the African continent and the increase in logistics activities and the direct trade with Far East and the World, it had become critical to providing the logistics and aviation sector with a tailor-made and simplified air cargo solution, as well with a secure transacting platform with Africa. Aero Africa operates through four regional service desks in Africa, Europe and China, and under one centralized accounting center, servicing exclusively the global freight and aviation community .

As a neutral airfreight broker & solutions provider, we offer scheduled cargo services including transit and final mile solutions, to and from : ABJ,ABV, ACC, ADD, ALG, APL, ASM, BEN, BGF, BJL, BJM, BKO, BLZ, BUQ, BZV, CAI, CKY, CMN, COO, CPT, DAR, DLA, DSS, DUR, DZA, EBB, NEU, FBM, FIH, FKI, FNA, GBE, GOM, HGA, HME, HRE, JIB, JNB, JRO, JUB, KAN, KGL, KRT, LAD, LBV, LFW, LLW, LOS, LUN, MBA, MGQ, MPM, MRU, MSU, MWZ, NBO, NDB, NDJ, NIM, NKC, NLA, NOS, NSI, OLA, ORN, OUA, OXB, PHC, PNR, POG, POL, RAI, RBA, ROB, RUN, SEZ, SHO, SSG, TNR , TUN, WDH, WVB, ZNZ and more.

Please visit our website www.aero-africa.com for more info, and do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you need in the African continent .

Jade Da Costa CCO

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