Aero Africa Sub Saharan Africa (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Michaela Muller as Operations Controller

Michaela will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and will be responsible for the overall airfreight operations in South Africa.

Michaela embarked on her logistics journey in 2017, starting as a receptionist and steadily progressing to her current role as an Airfreight Operations Controller. With a comprehensive background spanning four years in customs operations and experience across various modes of transportation and international borders, she demonstrates a deep understanding of compliance, customer service, and business strategy.

Throughout her career, Michaela has exhibited a relentless dedication to professional development, actively engaging in continuous training, system implementations, and the pursuit of new business ventures. Over the course of eight years in the logistics industry, she has refined her expertise in operations management, customs regulations, and customer relationship management.

Having thrived in a demanding corporate freight environment, Michaela has cultivated a strong skill set in airfreight logistics, both locally and regionally. Her in-depth knowledge and proficiency in airfreight operations have solidified her standing as a respected figure in the industry, earning her a reputation for reliability and excellence.

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