Aero Africa launches On-Board Courier Service

We are proud to present another milestone in companies’ product portfolio, with the launch of our new Hand Carry & On-Board Courier express service for door-to-door and time-critical shipments.

As a neutral solutions provider, the new OBC service will focus on providing reliable transportation solutions to our freight clients to meet the demands of time-sensitive industries such as the Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation, Energy, Health Care, Pharma and Maritime. The service is in partnership with TCS Time Critical Solutions BV, a leading neutral carrier of global OBC solutions which we proudly represent as GSA in the African Continent.

Our couriers are located around the globe, well-prepared and ready for take-off. All our couriers are qualified, screened and have correct travel documents (passport and visa). In principle we accept carry-on baggage, checked-in and excess baggage, including DGR and temperature-controlled complying with airlines’ guidelines and IATA regulations.

Transport via our onboard courier service ensures a more secure, seamless, and faster delivery of your time-critical consignment. Customs declaration and clearance are done via the passenger channels which speeds up the entire process. It can make a difference of minutes and hours rather than the 24 to 72 hours waiting times for normal airfreight. Our couriers maintain full custody of the items they carry throughout the entire transport, from pick-up to final delivery.

Each onboard courier solution is unique. Every part of the transport, from pick-up to delivery has been created individually to meet your demand, time frame and budget. Our 24/7 OPS Desk team is fully dedicated to deliver high priority consignments in the fastest and safest way. Any OBC request will be quoted within 15 to max 30 minutes, at the same time we already have one of our qualified and screened onboard couriers on stand-by. Minutes after confirmation our courier is already on the way to the pick-up address

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