Air Cargo Forum Miami Review

Aero Africa – Air Cargo Forum Miami 2022

Gary Tobias the director of Operations for Southern Africa was proud to represent Aero Africa and take part in  the Air Cargo Forum in Miami 2022 which took place from 08 November to 10 November at the Miami Beach convention centre.

The trade show had a great attendance despite the category 1 hurricane that just missed the region. Aero Africa had its very own stand which was managed by Gary Tobias. Gary had assistance from several partners and stakeholders including Peter Whitfield, Ruben Huber, Michael Jaensch & Christos Spyrou.

The exhibition was a great opportunity for networking and sales for the team and allowed Aero Africa to boast its dominant footprint and expertise in Africa. There were a variety of stands hosted by airlines, airport companies, technology and systems based companies, freight agents, wholesalers and more. This was important for the industry and it was evident that there was an enthusiasm to develop business opportunities post COVID.

Not only were there many potential new clients for Aero Africa, but there were key meetings and introductions with new agents, current agents and potential suppliers. There were many valuable & constructive meetings that took place that will lead to critical developments going forward.

There were some extraordinary experiences due to a mixture of fine dining and great company, one of which was a dinner at The Bazaar restaurant which was hosted by NAP and ExFreight. At The Bazaar by José Andrés, double Michelin star awarded Chef, dining transcends into fête extraordinaire as guests enjoy a collection of imaginative culinary experiences that offer pioneering delicacies and delicious libations. The Bazaar menu blends tradition and ingenuity in true Spanish style and mixes them with influences from South Beach’s local Latin flavours and rich history.

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Aero Africa is an air cargo management group dedicated to providing neutral African logistic solutions and value-added services to the international logistics and aviation community.

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