Exclusive Interview with Jalene Ward, Network Manager

In a recent interview with NAP On Air media, our own Jalene Ward, Aero Africa’s Network Manager, discussed her personal journey into the world of logistics. From her initial steps to her current role, Jalene shared insights into her passion for the industry and the path that led her to Aero Africa.

Reflecting on her experience with NAP, Jalene emphasized the unique sense of camaraderie and support within the network. She described NAP as more than just a professional network but rather a family.

Discussing Aero Africa’s recent achievement of winning the Best NAP Partner Worldwide award, Jalene expressed immense pride and gratitude and plans to go back-to-back!

She highlighted the significance of this accolade, emphasizing that it not only recognizes Aero Africa’s commitment to excellence but also serves as a testament to the hard work of everyone in the Aero Africa group.

Transitioning to Aero Africa’s latest developments, Jalene provided insights into the newest developments and initiatives driving the company forward. From leveraging partnerships to expanding service offerings, Aero Africa is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Looking ahead, Jalene shared her excitement for what the future holds for Aero Africa. With a focus on continuous innovation and strategic growth, Aero Africa is poised to build on its success on the import side and continue delivering value to its clients, by developing export products.

As the interview concluded, Jalene reiterated Aero Africa’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to exceeding client expectations. With a strong foundation, a supportive network, and a clear vision for the future, Aero Africa is ready to embark on the next phase of its journey with confidence and determination.

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