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  • Is destination clearance and delivery available?
  • Is ISPM15 (IPPC) required for solid wood materials?
  • Is shipper required to undertake Pre Shipment Inspection for cargo ex China? (not applicable to any other origins)
  • ISPM 15 Required
72 hours

import airline storage period from time of arrival

Destination import notes and documentation requirements

  • original AWB (full original set not E-copy or photo copy)
  • original Shipper's invoice
  • original Shippers packing list
  • original Certificiate of origin


For all shipments which require destination services (DAP,DDU, DDP) do not send shipment until you have Aero Africa greenlight to proceed ex origin.

For greenlight process Aero Africa requires the following info :

  • Consignee address in Ethiopia– full details such as PIC, Tel & Fax
  • Booking date / ETA / shipment details /Terms of Shipment (incoterm).
  • Copy of export documents (invoice/packing list)
  • Upon receipt of the above, Aero Africa will contact the consignee to confirm all import formalities are in place for import clearance / delivery. Aero Africa will then notify origin to proceed with shipment.

All documents must be in English
HAWB must show actual true freight charges otherwise IATA rate will be applied as the Value for Customs at destination
Consignee is to be stated in full by importer of record, importers address, phone number and contact person
Goods not cleared or unclaimed within 21 days of arrival are sent to Customs warehouse.
Goods which have been in Customs warehouse for three months will be sent for disposal by public auction.
China Customs at origin require details of MAWB consignee and HAWB consignee tax i.d / VAT number to process export entry.

ATA Carnet NOT Allowed in Ethiopia
FOB / Freight Collect Shipments not accepted.
Certificate of Origin is a mandatory requirement regardless of cargo value. In case if same is not sent with AWB docs, it should be send by courir
HAWB capturing at destination is not allowed. HAWB data must be captured and transferred to the carrier 4 hours before departure (TRAXON or CARGO IMP can transfer data to the carrier). If not captured, FHL will not be received at destination leading to manifest registration request from customs which is unacceptable as per their standard.

China Pre Shipment Inspection / BIVAC
All goods originating from China must undergo an Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) in China prior to being exported.
Commercial shipper is fully responsible for arranging Pre Shipment Inspection in China prior to export.
Ethiopia China Pre Shipment Inspection can be arranged through BV, SGS, Intertek and CCIC.

The following commodities are subject to Pre Shipment Inspection from all origins prior to being exported :
Food and food products
Chemical products
Textile, leather, plastic and Rubber
Mechanical Materials
Electrical and Electronics

Last update: November 20, 2020

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