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  • Is freight collect on HAWB available?
  • Is destination clearance and delivery available?
  • Is ISPM15 (IPPC) required for solid wood materials?
  • Is shipper required to undertake Pre Shipment Inspection?
2 days

import airline storage period from time of arrival

Destination import notes and documentation requirements

  • original AWB (full original set not E-copy or photo copy)
  • original Shipper's invoice
  • original Shippers packing list


All documents must be in English

HAWB must show actual true freight charges otherwise IATA rate will be applied as the Value for Customs at destination

Consignee is to be stated in full by importer of record, importers address, phone number and contact person

China Customs at origin require details of MAWB consignee and HAWB consignee tax i.d / VAT number to process export entry.


Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI / BIVAC)
Goods under F.O.B value 2500 USD are not subject to PSI/BIVAC
PSI/BIVAC has to be arranged by the shipper and not their appointed freight forwarder or any other outside entity.
Once PSI inspection and processing is complete at origin, the inspecting agent issues shipper with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC).
Shipper is responsible for ensuring the CoC is sent to the consignee prior to shipment arriving at destination.
The following goods are exempt from PSI/BIVAC :

Live animals
Fresh eggs
Fresh or refrigerated (temperature is reduced to around 0’C, without being frozen) fruits, vegetables, fish and meat
Current newspapers and periodicals
Re-Imports without modificiation
Personal effects and moves, inclduing motorised vehicles imported by residents returning to DR Congo
Post parcel without commercial value
Commercial samples
Donations by foreign governments or international organizations to foundations, charities and humanitarian organizations declared of public utility

Personal gifts
Donations by foreign governments or international organizations or private persons in case of disaster
Gifts and supplies imported by diplomatic entities, by United Nations entities or other NGOs having customs tax exemption, for their own use
Goods purchased with donations and external resources, inclduing loans
Used motor vehicles of more than 6 months old from the date of 1st registration to the transport document date with the exception of the following vehicles which are liable to PSI/BIVAC verificiation progam, irrespective of their age in pursuance of instruction No. DGDA/DG/DV/DGA.T/DG/006 / 2013 dd. 17/10/2013:

Cycles, motorcycles and moped

Trailers and semi-trailers

Railway or tramway rolling-stock

4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 Trucks

Agricultural tractors

Civil engineering machinery
specific trucks/machinery for sanitory purposes

* If the vehile is more than 6 months old but has not been regustered yet, it will be considered new and liable to PSI/BIVAC

Last update: November 20, 2020

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