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  • Is freight collect on HAWB available?
  • Is destination clearance and delivery available?
  • Is ISPM15 (IPPC) required for solid wood materials?
24 hours

import airline storage period from time of arrival

Destination import notes and documentation requirements

  • original AWB (full original set not E-copy or photo copy)
  • original Shipper's invoice
  • original Shippers packing list
  • original EUR 1 Certificate if the goods are of EU origin


All documents must be in either English or French

HAWB must show actual true freight charges otherwise IATA rate will be applied as the Value for Customs at destination

Consignee is to be stated in full by importer of record, importers address, phone number and contact person

China Customs at origin require details of MAWB consignee and HAWB consignee tax i.d / VAT number to process export entry.

For all European Union (EU) origin shipments
Under the European Union Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), all goods of EU origin must have an accompanying EUR1 certificate with shipment
in order for consignee to receive preferential impot rate duty at time of destination customs clearance.

Last update: November 20, 2020

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